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Melanie Pouch

Studio #201

Melanie Pouch began painting 25 years ago in the medium of watercolor under the tutelage of local artist, Julia Peters. Since that time, she has explored the mediums of acrylic and oil participating in numerous workshops taught by Carrie Brown, Joye Burkhardt, Karen Weiss, Ann Templeton, Eric Benjamin, Jim Richards, Robert Joyner, Jim Carson, Alice Williams, and Susan Mayfield. 


Her love of interior design inspires the  combination of colors in her paintings.  The favored palette has 24 colors which produce bright, cheerful results. She also enjoys a more subtle palette at times using a limited palette of the three primary colors and white.  With this small selection she can create a wide variety of colors and maintain her goal of attaining an abstracted landscape, still life, or interior. 


Melanie's work has been shown locally at Art & Light, Metropolitan Arts Council, semi-annual shows of The Painterly Ladies, Centre Stage Theatre, The Aloft Hotel Greenville, and Rock House Antiques.  Her paintings have been purchased by the City of Greenville and Greenville Hospital System.  She has a studio in downtown Greenville at 201 Art Crossing located across the river from the Peace Center where she shares space with seven of her fellow artist friends.  

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